If you like football and the sport you love something you can not miss on your visit to Madrid is a good football game, you can go to watch Real Madrid to their magnificent stadium, Santiago Bernabeu and the opposing team city​​, Atletico Madrid’s Vicente Calderon stadium her, you can also go to see a good basketball game for Real Madrid or student, both at the highest level of basketball, live Sport in Madrid.

The Barcelona fans are spread all over the world since the birth of this club. The club FC Barcelona is one of the most prestigious in Spain, and certainly one of the most difícilesde beat rivals in Europe. During the last two decades the Barca have been enjoying some of the brightest stars of world football. Barcelona has become one of the most visited cities in the world because of its connection with football, and for its cultural attractions.

The Spanish people love to play and watch football. This country is full of star football players. The craze never ends and starting from the children of age 5-6 years to the old person of 80-90 years. Everybody is linked with football emotionally and traditionally.

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