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Tenerife has a great tourist destination offering first order is, you can find a wide range of accommodation and travel to different tour operators. The flights, no problem, since almost all provinces of Spain have a weekly flight to the island, remember that almost every community has a different day liaison with Tenerife, such as Asturias, Tenerife link is on Monday and Bilbao-Tenerife link Sundays. Organizing Tour Operator flight will leave us very cheap, much more than the regular line. About accommodation, the first thing we have to decide is whether we opt for the north (Puerto de la Cruz) or south (the Americas, Christians, etc.)

If you opted for the north, we will go to Puerto de la Cruz. The north is significantly cheaper but much less change will be encouraged outside the summer period, is colder than the south, especially in winter and is more prone to rain and cloudiness. It is the most used by Spanish tourists. This much closer to the capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

In contrast, in the south we can find the Christians, the Americas, etc.. All these populations are linked. In the south the weather will be hot and dry, plus there are many foreign tourists and the influx of tourists is high throughout the year. The beaches are much larger and better equipped than in the Puerto de la Cruz. The resorts are more modern.

However, in recent years, the trend is that more and more foreigners are valleys to the north also is no longer a ghost town in winter which was not anyone on vacation.

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary archipelago, where it occupies a central position between the islands of Gran Canaria, La Gomera nd La Palma. Located over 1,000 miles from the Iberian Peninsula, the shape of the island resembles an irregular triangle whose three vertices are formed by the Anaga, Teno and Adeje and occupies the center, rising above the caldera of Las Cañadas the peak of Teide, the highest mountain in Spain, at 3,718 meters. Tenerife’s natural wealth is extraordinary. And the efforts of its institutions and citizens to preserve it are becoming more intense. Today, more than half of its territory is protected and are about 50 spaces listed ecological interest. The most famous of these is exceptional Teide National Park, one of the four existing in the Canary Islands and the most visited in Spain. The natural park of the Crown Forest that surrounds and Country Park of Anaga and Teno are other highlights.

A view of Tenerife Island

The north of the island, from Tacoma to Buenavista del Norte, enjoys a pleasant subtropical climate features, wetter and cooler than the rest of the island after the conquest, the north of Tenerife was the most important in terms of population and economic activity, but not in that position today predominantly retained in their towns and cities in the footsteps of a past rich in cultural and commercial exchanges with Europe. Puerto de la Cruz – Valle de la Orotava and Isla Baja is the main tourist areas in this part of the island South from Santiago del Teide Candelaria up, enjoy the warm, dry climate of Tenerife. Here lie the main tourist resorts in Tenerife, with the exception of Puerto de la Cruz, and large farms, greenhouse, tomatoes, bananas and other crops. The south, for many years the area of ??the island less populated and more isolated, is now the fastest growing and development.

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