The wines of Spain have reached a very high quality levels. Since the mid-nineteenth century, a few pioneers began the modernization of the wine in the wine cellars of Rioja and Ribera del Duero.

This conversion volunteer some wineries in Northern Spain starter strains included the old, the change in production systems, whose main exponents include: The fermentation of must at a controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks and new, the shift to oak new and acclimatization to field new grape varieties from France than in Spain have found a magnificent land where they grow.
But the French already knew the wines of Spain originals. French winemakers come then to the payment of northern Spain in search of grapes with which to produce quality wines. The traditional left very satisfied tempranillo producers in the neighboring country that used to produce and bottle their wines.

This process of modernization has not finished yet. The demands of the winemakers and marking their own appellations of origin, in their quest for quality and differentiation, are managing that Spanish wines are consumed and better than ever.

The Spanish are leaving behind those rough wine bottles, wine and hard doomed, pinkish, and deep taste of alcohol. The flat glasses have given way to tall glasses and tables of the restaurants can be seen perched among the lucky decanters people. There are many who dare to ask for a particular vintage or have a wine reference. This communion between cultural tradition and improving wine production systems could be the basis of the growing success of the wines of Spain.

But move forward without looking back we can lose our way. Change by wine bars taverns and bars, taverns and wine shops sales and we can derail the whole. Spain should seek its future without forgetting their ancestors Gourmet, its starting point.

The sumiliers help us discover new scents in the wine and we guarantee the satisfaction of our guests. The bartenders entertain us with their jokes, listen to us when we are sad and share with us and chat bar, the bartenders will know our names.


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