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Alcoholism is one of the comman problem in million of people. It is extremely dangreous to health, sometimes alcoholism damage the vital organs specially very harmful for lever and heart. This effects not only the person who is drug addicted, but also who are close to them. It is usually seen patients brought in by family members to alcohol rehabs center against their will or consulting for another reason and are diagnosed with a problem of dependence on alcohol or drugs. In these cases it is important to ensure maintenance of contact with the patient, treating as empathic concern and policy to the patient, texas recovery providing a professional medical opinion and the risks it faces. You must also provide the possibility to re-discuss the issue at the next consultation or try to establish a commitment to help you assess what’s happening, because the family that brought him to treatment.

At this stage we meet people who firmly intend to change and take specific actions that indicate, for example, throw away the alcohol, they consult for help or start a detoxification. These are patients who all wish to receive treatment, because these subjects can immediately begin the process of evaluation and treatment. In addition, therapeutic interventions supplies a greater effect when performed at this stage.

Belief in the possibility of change is a motivator, it is important that the patient be responsible for making necessary to achieve change. Hope must be injected within the range of alternatives available and invite them to work together, but without creating false expectations that can not meet then. Spanish rehab process of treatment and rehabilitation should be designed in phases, which together take years to establish an overall recovery of the individual and this particular process of each individual.