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Majorcan cuisine is primarily a Maditerránea cuisine, influenced by Catalan cooking and the Romans, who occupied it at different times in history. Catalan In his reminiscences, we highlight the prensencia of chopped or mashed nuts, garlic and pereji, in stews or vegetable. This is a kitchen where the fish and seafood, garden produce and fruit stand above the rest. Potages soups and with vegetables and legumes are taken throughout the year. As a native sausages, include: the botifarrons, camaiots, sobrassada.

Wines are Benissalem the region, especially with DO Felanitx, Petra, Sant Joan.  About restaurants Mallorca: Mallorca’s restaurants are great and eating well. Just say that before going to dinner or lunch, you can take some tapas in the old town.

Mallorcan dishes: Pa amb oli , Escudilla d’oli (oil dishes), soups Carbonero, Graixonera of Peus of Porch, bean Soups, scones d’bears , Gava perry is especially dried beans stew with noodles peeled. Majorcan soups are blanched in broth and sometimes accompanied with vegetables and some meat. And also the Tremp (salad of tomatoes, peppers blond and a little onion, all dressed with olive oil, vinegar and salt), El Tumbet (are potatoes cut into thin slices, eggplant and peppers, all topped with fried tomato sauce), Llampuga with peppers (fried fish with potatoes and peppers), pickled fish, stuffed squid, snails, or Frito Freixures Mallorquín (corns are pork or lamb but fried with potatoes and vegetables), seafood paella, Arros Brut (rice with meat and vegetables). For dessert: Ensaimadas (natural or apricots or angel hair or cream, cream …), greixonera cocarrois.

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