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The Spanish media have spread the news that tourism loses weight in the Spanish economy. Although there is no longer a topic of great interest for a country like Spain.

Tourism has been since the fifties of last century, the development engine of Spain for decades. Transformed and is transforming the coastline in Spain, has promoted the recent boom in rural tourism, strengthened and strengthens the construction sector, the main engine of the country now for over a decade, has allowed and allows a chronic weakness of exports Spanish property abroad has fostered cultural changes, has driven against the European spirit.

Expansion has occurred without rational urban planning has been weighted and weighted resource constraints, has led and encourages speculation and is contrary to the competitiveness of tourism in the long term. These ideas have been strongly argued for decades. The problems of water scarcity and on the coast and in Spain today is a consequence of what we just discussed. Despite investments in infrastructure and equipment, poor planning of these has led and leads the diversion of public funds to high priorities.There is a lack of attractive design, a demand fueled by speculation undemanding investments around the Spanish coast.Its continuity and permanence has benefited from the expansion of flights that connect major European cities with major tourist destinations in Spain. Its continuity has benefited from a workforce nurtured by immigration, so the mass tourism sector has recovered its competitiveness for more than 10 years was seriously threatened.

Spain is currently located as a world leader in terms of absolute sun and beach tourism. It is difficult today to find a destination that can cast a shadow on our country. However, there are still some gaps not covered by Spanish tourism and should be enhanced.

The data of tourism in Spain are among the leading countries in tourism almost 75-80 percent of foreigners choose Spain as their first choice. However, to avoid surprises, the sector needs to promote other offers a better future: There is still room for improvement in cultural or culinary tourism, to name two examples.

These data optimistic for the future are reflected directly in the percentage of unemployed, where tourism is placed seven points below the national average. For example, travel agencies have created 5385 jobs in recent months, which are directly related to increased tourism in Spain.

But what would it take to get this reform of tourism in Spain? The experts concurred that a need for greater promotion of both the culinary products such as cultural activities that each city has to offer to tourists.

In this field are leading France and Italy, where 80% of tourists travel only to learn the cuisine of both cultural and individual cities in these countries.

To achieve this, Spain must first internal promotion, creating awareness among the Spanish residents alternatives that can provide the different regions, and then throw those offers improved and abroad.

In short, the Spanish tourism does have a hopeful future in the long run.

The seaside resorts of Spain will be more popular than ever this year. The crisis has exacerbated the domestic tourism as a viable and cheaper alternative to the current reality. Many families that opt for the car as a means of transport to travel and discover the best places in Spain. Odd places, nice places, but places to reach the end of the day.
Possible destinations and places in Spain to visit are, undoubtedly,

  • La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
  • Lake Sanabria, Zamora
  • The hanging houses in Cuenca
  • The archaeological remains of Mérida
  • The University of Salamanca
  • The City of Toledo
  • The city of Ávila
  • The Roman aqueduct in Segovia
  • The Alcazar in Segovia
  • The City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia
  • Obradoiro Square in Santiago de Compostela
  • The Plaza of Spain in Sevilla
  • The National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido in Huesca
  • Ruidera in Ciudad Real
  • The Prado Museum in Madrid
  • The Picos de Europa, León and Asturias
  • The Mosque of Cordoba
  • The palace of San Ildefonso farm in Segovia

If you do not know any of these places this year is a good time to start visiting some places in Spain that are a small representation of historical and cultural heritage of this country. This is just a small list of the most tourist places to visit Spain, but there are many more.

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