There are hundreds of things to do and see in Seville, hundreds of things to do. Hundreds of things to see, from gastronomic tourism, cultural tourism, sports tourism and leisure, Seville is a city that from January to December gives us a broad spectrum of possibilities of things to do. A city with enormous cultural weight in all its aspects. Sevilla not only has the Alcazar with its Giralda, the tower of gold and other large and well-known monuments, it is also a city where culture is varied and essential.

If we are lovers of culture, art, cultural tourism, Seville is a city where we have to be a very long time if you really want to see everything we offer. It is an ancient city, and as such, offers a lot of things to do in Seville and the monuments of inestimable value. Historical culture, street culture, bullfighting, horse culture, cuisine, and much more. To soak up all this have to do what the Seville. Thus we shall learn lessons as heat. The climatic conditions in the distant past attracted so many cultures, submitted today to a healthy habit Seville: the siesta. In hot weather, the streets are virtually impassable Seville. So the best way to use the time is to give a nap after lunch and enjoy the slightly cooler hours that follow.

This destination, throughout the year, there are also two events not to be missed if we have time, the April Fair in Seville, one of the world’s leading, or Holy Week in Seville, the most passionate in the country.

Other activities are tapas and enjoy the cuisine of Seville, stroll through the gardens of the Alcazar, creeping down the street shopping, going to football or stroll through the Parque Maria Luisa.

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