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All of Madrid’s interesting to visit and is entertaining stroll through its streets.To the west lies the Gran Via (shopping street, where are located many theaters and cinemas, restourents, the Grand Casino de Madrid, rethe Plaza of Spain, which leads to the North Station and Principe Pio and there stringing the Paseo de la Florida, arrived at the Ermita de San Antonio de la Florida (Holy gathers many devotees and made pilgrimages to the Holy date) . Spain’s Square has easy access to West Park or Rosales, where the Temple of Debod. From the square of Spain also goes by the Extremadura road and comes to the House, and from there turn out to Princess Street, where is located the Palacio de Liria.

To the east you can visit the Plaza de Toros de las Ventas, located on Calle Alcala.

To the south are the most traditional neighborhoods such as La Latina and Lavapies, where is located the Rastro flea market, the Paseo de las Delicias and Paseo de Santa Maria de la Cabeza, Ambassador and between the Ronda de Atocha is located downtown de Arte Reina Sofia and the Atocha train station.

Paseo de la Castellana is the main hub of the city. Madrid crosses from north to south through the center of Madrid. If we begin elnorte of Madrid, in Plaza Castilla to the Plaza Colon. There is renamed and is now called Paseo de Recoletos, until you reach headquarters of the Bank of Spain and the Post Office or the Palace of Communications.The stretch of Paseo de la Castellana installed the Museum of Air Sculpture, there are installed Botero sculptures, Chillida and other contemporary artists. Also buildings such as the Picasso Tower, Torre Europa, the Santiago Bernabeu football field.

When we travel to Europe, we have to be specific about that exact part of Europe go, I say this because there are many budget travelers who want to avoid the most expensive in the old continent, so here are some tips for low cost travel in Europe.

We all know that the rate can be much cheaper in the offseason. Apart from being off-peak attendance such as tourist attractions, museums, theme parks and other attractions. So if you do not need during the summer vacation, do not travel. You can take advantage of comparing airline tickets for some major airlines. Try searching for low cost carriers like Ryanair, easyJet and Wizz Air.

In order to save some bucks, you can simply rent a car or travel by train, it will depend on the circumstances, for example in cities should be just tight move on foot or bicycle, but in the cities “open” or more cosmopolitan definitely need a car to move around, this more so if we are with family (instead pays to pay the taxi for the demonstrations in tours). On the other hand, public transport is the cheapest option, that if traveling alone. Forget about taking a taxi from the airport.

You can always save money if you rent an apartment, flat or villa. When you finally settled on the site, find out where the closest food market to the housing. Is not it fun and challenging to cook with the ingredients available to be in your accommodation? In addition to economic growth will be ideal if you are tourists on a budget.

Always plan your trip in advance. Determine some travel options, especially if you intend to visit more than one city.


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