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Europe, the old continent, has wonderful views both in the hectic life of their cities and most remote nature. A good way to see the charms of this continent is following the route of the river in a boat or otherwise, and several cities along rivers are classified among the most beautiful in Europe. Here are the major rivers.

Prague one of the most beautiful cities of the Mediterranean. Here you will find information with which to plan your trip, book a hotel online, the most important tourist attractions, monuments and museums, attractions, tourist offices, Hotels in Prague, photographs and images of the city, travel tips, activities for do, weather information, the time will do, events, restaurants and cafes, shopping, nightlife, places for drinks, cheap, city maps, metro and bus map, beaches, golf, discounted hotels, virtual tours, information about the airport and transportation to the center of the city, the sights, the main places to visit, parties, holidays, food, natural parks, and much more practical information. Today, in what was his bed is one of the attractions that you can not miss a visit to Prague, and where you can walk and family fun, the park has with lots of attractions for children, so it is ideal for an afternoon of fun and entertaining.

The average age spanned 10 centuries of history of the Western world, understood the V century until the fifteenth century, and one of the most wealthy of this period’s architecture, architecture that the sun emerge today in the old castles of Europe they had a great time at its best Gothic architecture, Byzantine, Romanesque, romantic and more.

Most of these great castles have survived in very good condition, no longer belong to the nobles of the past and the great feudal lords of that time, many have become tourist attractions and a large part in luxury hotels that take us the Middle Ages. Located in Spain, Italy and France mainly, Czech republic, these great castles also save a great story hotels are a big favorite tourism in any way you want to live in a time enigmatic and quite interesting.

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