If you are nature lover and want to see natural and historical monuments. Sevilla is best place for you as these type of monuments are endless here. You can start with to the Cathedral of Santa Maria in Seville, where it is stored, for example, the Archive of the Indies, to the Torre del Oro or the Giralda, monuments of Muslim . If we want entertainment and culture you can choose from numerous things to do in Seville and the theater, or Isla Magica theme park Isla de la Cartuja, which will show us much of the culture of the city, whilst us on a journey through the world.

It also can be repaired inside the bright colors of the Archbishop’s Palace, the Plaza de Toros “Real Maestranza”, a sector of the City, domes of different styles and unique in its kind, an area with sand for repairs in the middle of town, or curiosities such as swimming pools and sun loungers on the terraces, green or white tents covering the green and flowery balconies and gardens. A part of the roof of the Archives of the Indies, the square, the needles, the yard and the Patio de los Naranjos in the Catedral. Look down the colors of a city is really amazing, special and characteristic of each place.

Having little time to see Sevilla, the best way to not miss anything is surely going to the Giralda. I have commented before The Giralda is the bell tower of the cathedral of the city and the highest point. If we climb up the ramp ending with a viewpoint is not suitable for people with vertigo. The views are spectacular, from there we can see each of the symbols of the city.

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