Palma is capital of this beautiful island Majorca . This Island is perhaps the most historic and cultural interest. It is also the largest of all. It is reached by plane or boat. You can travel by plane from Barcelona,  Madrid, Alicante,by boat from Malanga, Barcelona and Alicante, from where see other locations by car. The Villages in a valley at the foot of hills  is known for being a quiet, elegant and exclusive resort harbor full of yachts and water sports. It is surrounded by luxury villas estates for celebrities. From there you can visit the Castle of Sant Elm and the islet of Dragonera.

The official language is Catalan, auque reigns with Spanish bilingualism. Majorca is the most important tourist destination in Spain. Tourists of all nationalities spend their holidays there. It has a special charm with its diversity of landscapes, marinas, sports facilities, hotel infrastructure and environment. In Mallorca you can buy: pearls, shoes and accessories in leather, furniture, hollow glass, fruit, buns and sobrasada.

As we will see Talayotic culture, which existed between the years 1400-1200 a. JC, leaves a deep imprint on the island, where there are some important archaeological remains. It is believed that these monuments were responding to a magical attitude and kept up s.II BC.
Things you can visit in Mallorca: The island is 3640 km2. He travels by car. In a week you can visit the island very well. Mallorca offers tourists a variety of things to see and visit, from museums, churches, mountains, beaches, nightlife with many nightclubs and trendy pubs, … and lots of fun, a marina and Sports, and many trips to picturesque villages. There is a train line that connects Palma with Inca and Soller.

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