There are numerous tourist attractions in Spain, not surprisingly, Spain is the second country in the world by number of tourists after France. A trip to Spain to discover the rich monumental heritage and the extraordinary landscapes of the country.

The main attractions are the cities like Barcelona, Seville, Valencia, Madrid, Granada, Cordoba, Bilbao and Zaragoza. Do not miss your Spanish sea the beauty of the coast and islands.

Madrid the city of modernity and tradition

Madrid is the Spanish capital, is one of the oldest city with modernity with tradition and history, so that we can find attractions for everyone, from shopping centers, bars and cinemas to museums and palaces. Madrid is the center of Spain, not only as capital, it is also the heart of the monuments, fashion, economy, history, and artistic home of tourism, hotels in Spain as abundant as hotels Amsterdam, besides being and architectural wonders.

In this palace you will find an impressive and vast historical and artistic heritage that includes works by renowned painters, priceless ceramics and, among many others, the collection of Stradivarius Palatine quintet, which is the world’s largest collection of these instruments.

Barcelona : The one of the most lively place

Barcelona is the Second most famous and populous, largest city in city in Spain. More than five million people resides in Barcelona. Barcelona is one of the global leading tourist, cultural-sports centers, economic and its influences in media, commerce, education, fashion, entertainment,  arts and the  science brings it along with the all world’s largest cities in the world. It is the 16th most livable city declared by the world lifestyle magazine Monocle. It is among the top most rich cities of the world rank’s 4th in European Union and 35th is the world.

Barcelona has climate condition Mediterranean with  dry summers and mild, humid winters. Its average annual temperature is 11 °C (52 °F) at night and 20 °C (68 °F) during. The maximum temperature recorded in July-Aug and min during the January i.e 2 C approximate. Over all we can say it among the one of the most living places in the world with excellent climate conditions.

There are many beautiful sight scenes in Barcelona. Which are pleasant to eyes and will be remarkable to visit Barcelona. There are many historical buildings, museums, parks, beaches and other beautiful places in Barcelona will make remembered to your visit in Barcelona .

The Balearic Isles: Majorca, Ibiza and Minorca

The Balearic Islands are a group of islands situated in the Mediterranean of the eastern coast of Spain. Majorca is the largest of the Balearic islands and is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe. With miles of sandy beaches, a warm climate, and a tourist industry which has matured over 50 years, the island is frequented by many celebrities who have holiday homes on the island.

Ibiza is smaller and popular with younger visitors who take advantage of the lively nightlife and thriving club scene. For a quiet holiday, the island of Minorca is recommended, with the island retaining much of its original charm despite the growth of tourism.

If you are flying to the Balearics, a rental car is a great way to explore the islands. There are many companies offering car hire at Palma Airport and Ibiza Airport.

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