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If you like the sun, friendly people, land characterized by their traditional celebrations and good food, then it’s time to visit the city of Alicante. This city, always present in many week for its beauty and tourist importance, will provide unforgettable moments in every corner. The city of Alicante is located in the community of Valencia. One of the major tourist cities in Spain, and second most visited city in Valencia.

The capital of the province, is in a fairly flat, although in some parts of its territory can be seen on the ground undulations that give beauty to all the landscapes Alicante. It is on these elevations where you can find great attractions of the city.

On the hill Benacantil, for example, boasts one of the major tourist constructions in Alicante, the Castillo de Santa Barbara. Stands out not only inside, but because when viewed from afar, on leave from all the urban environment and become one of the main symbols of the city.

Another great attraction for visitors is the Castles. Some seek to have lunch under the green landscapes of the hills of Garbinet, which acquire a special beauty in the summer.

Walking: a nice walk along the Esplanade of Spain, Playa del Postiguet and the modern port area with many cafes and bars. A few miles from downtown, connected by train, tram, together beaches of San Juan and Campello about six miles of waterfront attractive.

Castles: Castle of Santa Barbara, magnificent views of the beach Postiguet, port and urban environment.

Cathedral and other churches, heritage primarily in the Alicante town of Orihuela. However, in the city of Alicante worth visiting are Hall-Baroque palace of the eighteenth, Cathedral of St. Nicholas (XVI) Chapel Communion, Churches and monasteries alike Santa Maria Church, Monastery of Santa Faz.

Lucentum. Iberian Roman remains which are the first history of the city of Alicante.

Spain is currently located as a world leader in terms of absolute sun and beach tourism. It is difficult today to find a destination that can cast a shadow on our country. However, there are still some gaps not covered by Spanish tourism and should be enhanced.

The data of tourism in Spain are among the leading countries in tourism almost 75-80 percent of foreigners choose Spain as their first choice. However, to avoid surprises, the sector needs to promote other offers a better future: There is still room for improvement in cultural or culinary tourism, to name two examples.

These data optimistic for the future are reflected directly in the percentage of unemployed, where tourism is placed seven points below the national average. For example, travel agencies have created 5385 jobs in recent months, which are directly related to increased tourism in Spain.

But what would it take to get this reform of tourism in Spain? The experts concurred that a need for greater promotion of both the culinary products such as cultural activities that each city has to offer to tourists.

In this field are leading France and Italy, where 80% of tourists travel only to learn the cuisine of both cultural and individual cities in these countries.

To achieve this, Spain must first internal promotion, creating awareness among the Spanish residents alternatives that can provide the different regions, and then throw those offers improved and abroad.

In short, the Spanish tourism does have a hopeful future in the long run.

All of Madrid’s interesting to visit and is entertaining stroll through its streets.To the west lies the Gran Via (shopping street, where are located many theaters and cinemas, restourents, the Grand Casino de Madrid, rethe Plaza of Spain, which leads to the North Station and Principe Pio and there stringing the Paseo de la Florida, arrived at the Ermita de San Antonio de la Florida (Holy gathers many devotees and made pilgrimages to the Holy date) . Spain’s Square has easy access to West Park or Rosales, where the Temple of Debod. From the square of Spain also goes by the Extremadura road and comes to the House, and from there turn out to Princess Street, where is located the Palacio de Liria.

To the east you can visit the Plaza de Toros de las Ventas, located on Calle Alcala.

To the south are the most traditional neighborhoods such as La Latina and Lavapies, where is located the Rastro flea market, the Paseo de las Delicias and Paseo de Santa Maria de la Cabeza, Ambassador and between the Ronda de Atocha is located downtown de Arte Reina Sofia and the Atocha train station.

Paseo de la Castellana is the main hub of the city. Madrid crosses from north to south through the center of Madrid. If we begin elnorte of Madrid, in Plaza Castilla to the Plaza Colon. There is renamed and is now called Paseo de Recoletos, until you reach headquarters of the Bank of Spain and the Post Office or the Palace of Communications.The stretch of Paseo de la Castellana installed the Museum of Air Sculpture, there are installed Botero sculptures, Chillida and other contemporary artists. Also buildings such as the Picasso Tower, Torre Europa, the Santiago Bernabeu football field.

Madrid is the capital of Spain. It is located roughly in the center of the country and 660 meters. altitude to sea level. As is usually located in cities far from the coast, is a very hot in summer and very cold in winter. It is not advisable in the summer sightseeing, it is really hard. Madrid leave the network roads and railways radially. The Puerta del Sol, one of the most emblematic places, is located at kilometer zero.

Madrid is a city with a great personality, very charming and very sill. Its people so far from being closed to invasion of people from all over Spain and other countries are open and hospitable. History has left a deep mark in this city with many historical buildings and landmarks, see: palaces, churches, museums, gardens, neighborhoods … Madrid is the political and economic development. There are the headquarters of banks and major companies in all areas, as well as foreign embassies. Its Museo del Prado is the most important gallery in Spain.

The infrastructure of hotels, restaurants and leisure are impressive. It has a good infrastructure meters, railroads, taxis and buses.

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