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Travel insurance must be purchased the day before so you can transfer mishaps include your home to the airport on departure day. Cancellation insurance to be valid must be purchased at the same time you buy a ticket or travel. It is recommended that the date of the insurance cover but for a few days if problems arise in the return and it should be delayed. If travel time is large, you may be more profitable to hire annual insurance then you will for other trips, but it runs out.

It is important that insurance costs directly assume without you anticipate any amount, but then at the end of the journey will repay the amounts advanced all receipts. Always keep the original documents.

The amounts of coverage should be broad, previously inform the cost of living of countries to visit and if the limits of the amounts you enough cover possible contingencies. The coverage and amounts can be adapted to your needs, the final price of insurance depends on the circumstances.

Travel Insurance which cover basic care of the trip. Consulted directly where you issued the card.

Contract policies with no deductibles, but these are usually a small amount, then possibly not have the money you should pass.

You must choose the insurance more global coverage, having a branch nearby helps streamline procedures.

Budget requests to multiple insurers and you will be surprised. The price of insurance is often incomprehensible, depends on who issued the same policy for that price or lower over-shoot.

The insurance companies are not responsible for contract performance in areas of armed conflict, civil unrest or affected by natural phenomena then as earthquakes, floods or hurricanes. Neither standard travel insurance policies typically cover risky activities such as climbing, skiing, skydiving or driving a motor vehicle. The cancellation insurance only covers very specific and unforeseeable circumstances relating to health, family, work, court documented to be justified but does not cover cancellations for free will, for example, to cancel the trip to find one cheaper. You should real policy terms and condition carefully before availing travel insurance.

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