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Spain is a really diverse country with multinational people and this is what makes the country so colourful. It has two different coastlines and both of them have its own features that make them unique. This is because the Mediterranean coastlines are warmer than the Atlantic coastlines. Because of its stature as a multinational country, there are four official languages spoken by the Span residents and most of the people here also know English. Therefore, you will not need a translator or a dictionary while travelling here because most of the people at tourist hot spots are able to talk in English.

Spain is a big country and the bigger the country, the bigger the needs to have airports for people to travel in and out of the country. The airports in Spain are divided into four categories which is the mainland, Ceuta and Melilla, the Balearic Islands and last but not least, the Canary Islands. The airports located at the mainland are huge in number compared to other categories and some of them include Burgos Airport and Almeria Airport. You must utilize the cheap car hire Spain and you can find your ride at all of the airports mentioned. Travelling by car is easier because you control where you want to go and you can go anywhere, whenever you want to.

If you are someone who loves the sea and the water, you will have a really fun time in Spain. Spain has three types of beaches and each of them is special in their own way. One of the coasts in Spain will be Costa Brava. Costa Brava is located near to the Mediterranean Sea and some of the popular beaches here are Lloret de Mar and San Antonio. Lloret de Mar is really a beautiful beach and it would be rare to see that this beach is empty during the holiday season. The sands here are white and it is known for its calm waters. Therefore, Lloret de Mar beach is suitable for a family vacation because small children can play at the shores without being swept from the beach by heavy waves.

Some other famous attractions in Costa Brava, Span will be the ruins of the old Greek empire, the natural park located in the vicinity of an extinct volcano, and also the romantic monastery of Santa Maria. You will surely have an enjoyable time with your family in Spain.

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