Sons of Ultramar: Ultramarines Painting Guide by Games Workshop

Sons of Ultramar: Ultramarines Painting Guide

By Games Workshop

  • Release Date: 2015-06-20
  • Genre: Artesanía y aficiones
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Paragons of the Codex Astartes, the Ultramarines stand tall amongst the defenders of the Imperium. Skilled in war and veterans of countless battles, they have fought to preserve the Emperor’s domain for more than ten thousand years. The Ultramarines fashion their strike forces to meet the needs of war – fielding anything from the massed Tactical, Assault and Devastator Squads of a Battle Company to armoured columns of Predator tanks and Land Raiders.
Sons of Ultramar: Ultramarines Painting Guide is a detailed painting guide for the range of Space Marines Citadel Miniatures. Inside you will find new background and comprehensive painting tutorials for two Ultramarines collections, with top tips and instructive step-by-step photos allowing you to create a striking army of Ultramar. Included are guides to painting the following Citadel Miniatures:

• Space Marine Captain
• Space Marine Tactical Squad
• Space Marine Assault Squad
• Space Marine Devastator Squad
• Space Marine Command Squad
• Space Marine Chaplain
• Space Marine Rhino
• Ultramarines Sergeant Chronus
• Space Marine Techmarine
• Space Marine Sternguard Veterans
• Space Marine Land Raider
• Space Marine Predator
• Space Marine Whirlwind
• Space Marine Stalker
• Space Marine Land Speeder

This interactive edition is the perfect way to increase your painting skills and make your Space Marines look fantastic. It boasts Quick Links to move between sections, interactive galleries, and 360 degree photographs of Citadel Miniatures.