The climate is continental-Mediterranean. That is, if you visit the city in summer bring youlight clothing, sun hat to cover yourselves included, do not forget nor clothes to theplaya.ya that Barcelona enjoys great proximity to beach.
Winter is usually mild, but not lost since in recent years has fallen even occasional snowexcepcional.La spring and fall are visble in La Rambla, making it advisable to visitestacionesmuy since the temperature is very nice.
During spring is not surprising, given its proximity to the coast, consider the typicalstorms, short but intense mid-afternoon.

Barcelona is a pioneer in design of the country concerned and also has cultural and artistic center of world attention. Along with Madrid, Barcelona is the most important business center of Spain. Barcelona disfrtuta also a wide range of leisure offers.

Their geographical density exceeds four million, a figure that is increasing every yeardue to the influx of immigration and rising birth of the last years.

Barcelona’s population is distributed between the city and sets periferia.Todopopulation of this set creates a metropolitan area that covers more than half thecomarca.Inicialmente some of these populations were only arie summer, or engaged in fishing but in recent decades, due to housing costs have become ”dormitory cities” for many of Barcelona’s workers.

The distribution of the city comprises several neighborhoods i varied areas, the historic,upland areas, the Gothic Quarter with its streets estrchas, Barceloneta, etc .

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